Hello again! Yes, it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated you on our travels. We’re back in the states now and back to reality, but we still have many stories from our trip to tell!

I left you in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany, only the second stop of our adventure. The story continues…

The day we left Rothenburg, we weren’t totally sure what the next destination would be. We intentionally left a few free days in our plan in case we wanted to stay longer somewhere or add a new city to our list.

My aunt lived in Germany for a while and highly recommended going through the Black Forest, so we decided that would be our next move.

After the first three train rides of the day, we stopped at the Karlsruhe station for lunch.

IMG_3894Craving anything but schnitzel (Yes, you can definitely have TOO much schnitzel), we ate Subway. Don’t order wheat bread there, because they don’t carry it!

Mom looked into renting a car to drive through the forest, but the only automatic transmission available was a large Mercedes that cost way too much munz to justify spending for only an afternoon drive.

So we hopped on the three-hour scenic train to Singen, Germany, after John finally got some new batteries for his Beats. Thank goodness, because John really enjoyed the train ride.


But on the way to this train, part of John’s wheel broke on his suitcase. The plastic exterior surrounding the metal wheel started coming apart. It wasn’t long before the other wheel broke too, allowing John to leave pieces of his suitcase wheels all throughout Singen and Switzerland, our next stop. We successfully left our mark on sidewalks, in trains and in hotel rooms.

Random fact about Singen: it has an extinct volcano. (Long-extinct. I made sure.) It looks like one random mountain all by itself in the middle of the city…which it is.


In Singen, we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, where we had free wifi and air conditioning for the first time in Europe.



At first, none of the light switches or the TV worked in our room. We were so confused, and Mom was about to call the front desk when she noticed a slot by the door. She figured out that you have to put the room key in the slot for the power in the room to work. A few more hotels worked this way later in the trip, so we felt like pros for immediately knowing how to turn the lights on.


This sparked my interest, because I also noticed during every train ride through Germany that the Germans seem to be very efficient. We saw a lot of solar panel roofs and windmills. So I looked into it, and turns out Germany was named the most efficient major economy this year. Pretty cool, Deutschland.

We ate dinner at a restaurant near the hotel, and John got an ice cube in his Coke. Behold, the first ice cube we saw in Europe.


And the next morning, we hopped on a train to Switzerland and said auf wiedersehen to Germany!

IMG_3971 IMG_3962 IMG_3957 IMG_3921

Peace up, Downers out.