Up the wall

Leaving our last stop in St. Goarshausen, our train to Frankfurt took about 1.5 hours. Then we took an hour-long train to Wurzburg, and most of that time was spent finding a seat. Not three seats, but A seat. Word to the wise, just jump on the car that’s right in front of you. It’s not that important to have a nice seat if you don’t have a seat at all.

We got seats on all of our other trains that day, made it to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, our second stop, and washed a load of laundry before heading to the hotel. No lie, our hotel looks like it was a model building for Snow White.


And if you’re wondering about the title of this post, Rothenburg (according to its website) is “considered the most perfect walled city in Europe.”

After we got settled, we headed out for dinner and then went to the Night Watchman Tour.


It was an obvious hot spot for tourists, because there were AT LEAST 200 people there, and over half were American teenagers. We later found out that there were so many American teenagers there because they’re part of a high school Ambassadors of Music band tour.

The next day, we ate a (free) breakfast at the hotel, and the hotel owner said my mom is a “spoiler” who “eats like a chicken” because she didn’t eat everything she touched. Barb responded with a hesitant “haha,” and then he said Obama needs to teach Americans how to eat. What.

John still hasn’t recovered from this encounter, and he has eaten absolutely everything put on his plate (whether he likes it or not) in fear of being called a chicken.

We attempted to follow the Rick Steves’ walking tour through town, but we stopped at town hall to walk through a museum detailing the history of Rothenburg. This is what 12-year-olds do in museums:


Then we toured the Christmas Museum, and John really liked that one too.


After the museum, we shopped at the Christmas store. Literally any Christmas item you could ever want is in this store. Including a revolving 15-foot Christmas tree. Heavennnn.


We listened to the Ambassadors of Music from New England and Nevada play in the square while we ate lunch. They played nothing but American marching band music, making the atmosphere spot-on just like Main Street USA in Disney World. They played for an hour, just beating a short afternoon shower.

While it rained, we visited a store and bought a beer stein and a nutcracker. While we were shopping, a loud shatter got the attention of everyone in the store. As I turned to see what happened, all the color had drained from John’s face and his jaw was on the floor. A glass display head that had previously been wearing a beanie John was definitely going to ask for was now in 100 pieces all over the floor. (And, of course, I snapped a picture of it.)


The owners are really nice. They told us things happen and not to worry about it, and they didn’t let us pay for it. Then they gave us two free ornaments, two free postcards and a free bag.

You get a car gif

From gifsoup.com.

John didn’t ask for anything else the rest of the day.

We went to the The Medieval Crime Museum, which was interesting, but repetitive. Once you’ve seen one shaming mask, you’ve seen them all.


I did find out, though, that they used to put bakers in cages in the middle of the square if they “baked their bread to small.”

Michael Scott what gif

From justgif.com.

Then we hung out at the museum’s patio and tried schneeballen. It’s basically a ball of fried dough, but we unanimously agreed that beignets are better – we’re all Louisiana-bred.

We ate dinner at a little restaurant right by one of the medieval gates. This is what you get when you order a sandwich there.


Oh, Germany. Here are some more pics for ya.

20140802-230757-83277292.jpg 20140802-230756-83276902.jpg 20140802-230758-83278323.jpg 20140802-230758-83278841.jpg 20140802-230759-83279345.jpg 20140802-230759-83279555.jpg

Peace up, Downers out.



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