Way up there

Three days until three Downers explore a new continent, and three days until John and I endure our first 10-hour international flight. 

The longest flight I’ve ever been on was from Houston to Seattle. That was only a little over four hours, but even that is a long time to sit still. John (like all of us) loves to travel, but it only takes about an hour until:

Photo from thementaliz.tumblr.com.

Photo from thementaliz.tumblr.com.

So I spent this morning looking up what exactly I should do for close to half a day in the air. Yes, it’s an overnight flight, so sleeping is the best option. But I’m notoriously bad at sleeping on planes, and we’re flying coach. Mom and John, on the other hand, can pass out on command. Lucky.

I’m hoping for some cool inflight movies, and I’m crossing my fingers for DIRECTV. But I’m also bringing my iPad to read on my Kindle app, Barb will have her Kindle and John is bringing his iPad to “play GTA (Grand Theft Auto) or something.”

This is the best article on preparing for a long flight, and it even includes some animation resembling the safety manuals in the seat pockets of every airplane.

It also brought up another point that I hadn’t thought of yet: food.

At this website, you can view pictures of the meals offered on many different airlines. The eats are classified as either business or economy, and, uh, there is a HUGE difference in what you get to nom on if you didn’t splurge for the first-class seat.

Since terminal food can be taken on the plane, I might be hitting that up instead.

Three days til takeoff. Any suggestions? We want to hear them!

Peace up, Downers out.




  1. Ah wish y’all were gonna be in London when I’m there. We are there July 23-29.

    Definitely don’t forget a neck pillow and don’t eat anything too heavy before the flight. The pillow looks stupid but amazingly works. Also, I took some Dramamine about two hours in and slept for about five. It was perfect. Can’t wait to read more about the trip!


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