Power down

We are a family of many electronics. We love our phones, computers, iPads and Kindles. Mom uses her devices mostly to make travel plans, read and (if you’re lucky) text you back. I’m the social media junkie, and John likes to have his phone so he can strut with his Beats by Dre (with or without music actually playing).

CD JD on plane beats

So of course, we needed to find a way to use the European outlets…which was more confusing than I thought. Did we need an adapter, converter, both?! I’ve heard horror stories about frying appliances from my friends that traveled and studied abroad. And sure, fireworks look nice in the sky, but no one wants to see this in their hotel room:


From blog.photobucket.com.

So for all you future travelers: I consulted Google for the answer to this predicament, and this electricity guide was the most helpful.

Learning that the Euro-outlets are twice as powerful and can barbecue your electronics is a real motivator to not pack more than you need. And hearing that one of my friends fried and ruined an expensive flat iron in Spain made the decision not to bring mine a done deal.

I said before that the Brettster is staying back in Houston, and I wish he was coming with us on the trip. But I would really worry that despite the fact that American plugs look like this:

And European plugs look like this:

He would still do this:

chevy chase

From higheredlive.com.

(And Mom wouldn’t smile about it.) Four days til we say toodaloo to the states! Any suggestions? We want to hear them!

Peace up, Downers out.



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