Pack it up

I mentioned in our first post that we were only taking one carry-on each. For chronic over-packers like myself, figuring out how to do this was a feat in itself. But I took the goal head-on.



Because we’ll be in mountains, on lakesides, walking through cities and constantly riding (and sleeping!) on trains, I needed numerous multi-purpose pieces that I could easily roll up, wash and wear again in different combinations. So I will be outfit-repeating a few times, but I’ll also be in Europe. I’ll live.

John and I are using the same bags our parents took last time they visited Italy and France, and Mom got a new bag for herself (because she’s the boss).

All of our bags have hidden backpack straps, wheels and an extending handle, so we can either rock the rolling backpacks or tote them on our shoulders.



Either way, we’ll definitely look like straight-up tourists.

Packing for guys is always and forever WAY easier. It only took about 15 minutes to figure out John’s packing situation, and most of that time was devoted to deciding on which pairs of Nike Elite socks to bring.

John's bagCD's suitcase


But hey, we got it all to fit!

We’ll keep you updated on how well we outfit-planned: what was essential, useful and useless. Only five days away! Any suggestions? We want to hear them!



Peace up, Downers out.



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