The lowdown

Germany. Switzerland. Italy. France. England.

This is our sequence of countries we’ll venture through during our two weeks overseas. Five countries, four languages, three Downers and close to a million trains.

We’re flying out of Houston direct into Frankfurt, Germany, and we’ll fly out of London direct to Houston. We seriously lucked out with avoiding layovers and connecting flights. The beauty of flying in and out of two different countries is that our route can change on a whim, but we have a plan to work from once we touch ground in Europe:

1. Germany

Our first stop is the Rhine River.

We’re taking a short boat tour that comes free with our Eurail pass, from Bacharach to St. Goar. From our research, that’s the most beautiful stretch of the Rhine. Famous for its wine (yahoo!), we’ll be sure to have a least a bottle (or three) while we’re here. Don’t worry about John though, grape juice is the closest he’ll get to wine.

Following the tour, we’ll spend two nights in St. Goarshausen, just a ferry ride across the river from St. Goar. Side note, all of our hotels are equipped with A/C and free breakfast. Told you Barbs was travel-savvy.

i win

After that, we’ll hit up Rothenburg ob der Tauber, which resembles storybook Germany and looks a lot like Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

Photo from

Photo from

Told ya. We’re spending two nights here to wrap up our time in Deutschland. What drew us most to this place? It’s where Christmas NEVER ENDS.

2. Switzerland

We’re making a two-night stop in the Swiss Alps next. The Jungfrau mountain caught our eye, because you can actually take trains and gondolas to the top! Scary, but worth it. Our hotel is in Lauterbrunnen, a train ride up from Interlaken.

Photo from

Photo from

This is the train, the Jungfraujoch, that takes us to the top. Prepare yourself from some insane pictures from this leg of the trip.

3. Italy

Next up: two nights at Lake Maggiore in northern Italy.

Photo from

Photo from




Then, we’ll move down to Florence and Pisa.

But seriously, is that place even real? Aside from seeing the gorgeous architecture, I cannot wait to eat some serious Italian food. Yum.

4. France

From there, we’ll travel back up to Milan to catch a night train to Paris. I’ve never ridden a passenger train in my life, but something about sleeping on one is both hilarious and exciting. And waking up to a view of the Eiffel Tower is pretty nice, too. 

We haven’t planned out activities for Paris yet, but it’s Paris. We’ll find something to do!

5. England

Our grand finale: London, a slow transition back into native English speakers, even if they call fries “chips.” We’re taking The Chunnel from Paris to London. It goes underneath the English Channel at crazy-fast speeds and takes passengers 250 feet below water

Although my mom has been to Europe twice, she’s never seen London, and John and I are complete Euro-noobs, so we’re all really excited to see one of the biggest cities in the world first-hand. Again, we haven’t set any plans for this great city yet, but rest assured, we will find something to do. 

So if you couldn’t tell from my post, I’m just a little excited about our tour through a new continent. We’re six days away, and we’ll be back to share more! Any suggestions? We want to hear them!

Peace up, Downers out.




  1. 1. My friend just left Interlaken, and she’s in love (googly eyes and all). 2. Feel free to text me about London, Paris, or Florence if you need any info. 3. Please please please go see Les Miserables in London’s West End (if you get the chance). It’s phenomenal.


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